Welcome To The Garden Larder!

The Garden Larder is all about herbs. We love herbs, we love tea, and we love the sweet treats that complement tea; home baked cakes!

If you are looking for herbs to make your own teas with, or herbs that are great to use in baking, you are in the right place. The Garden Larder is a small family run company based in Aberdeenshire that sells carefully chosen herbs at local fairs and markets that are perfect for creating herbal teas and for using in the baking of tasty cakes.

Our aim is to stop you buying prepacked herbal teabags, and to encourage you to grow your own herbs to make your own herbal teas. Not only will you save yourself money, you will enjoy the freshest of teas happy in the knowledge you have grown the herbs yourself!

Herbs are tasty, versatile and packed with goodness. Whether you are looking for a fresh tasting tea, a tea to help you sleep, or herbs to make unique yet oh so tasty cakes and biscuits we are here to help. We hope you come on board and embrace our desire to create a healthier, tastier lifestyle!

Our online shop will be up and running very soon, but in the meantime why not take a few moments to read The Garden Larder’s Blog? Find out about how to make your own Herbal Teas, and try out some of our Cake Recipes for yourself.