About Us

The Garden Larder was set up in 2012 by husband and wife Teddy & Steph Gravell in their West Sussex home. The idea came about through a love of herbs – the great satisfaction achieved by growing herbs, their great variety of scents, textures and tastes, and their numerous medicinal properties.

Everybody loves a nice, hot cup of tea and the market is saturated with numerous brands of teas – good strong teas, decaffeinated teas, green teas, fruit teas and herbal infusions – all dried and sealed to retain their freshness. Yet when it comes to the wonderful world of herbal teas, there really is nothing better than popping outside to the garden, grabbing a few leaves of whatever takes your fancy and creating your own infusions in boiling hot water. Not only do you enjoy the freshest of tastes, in just a few days time the plant will have produced more leaves ready for picking – almost like an eternally fresh teabag!

What goes with tea? Cake of course!!! A talented baker, Ted’s twin sister Lu has embraced the idea of using herbs in cakes and biscuits to create unusual and unique flavour combinations, packed with taste and goodness – and all designed to complement real fresh herb teas. Head over to The Cake Tin to try out some of her ideas.

In May 2016 we took the decision to up sticks and The Garden Larder relocated 600 miles north to Drumblade, near Huntly in Aberdeenshire. Our adventures in Scotland are just beginning are we are both very excited for the future.

We aim to bring you a range of herbs that make not only tasty teas, but also cakes and biscuits. Unlike any other company, we only sell plants and not dried leaves, enabling you to enjoy your herbal infusions and create culinary triumphs again and again.